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Using Wav Files, Uploaded To Your Mobile Device, Loop Pedal, PC, DAW or Audio Player, Is A Great Way To Add To Your Live Performance or, Aid In Your Practice Sessions. The Best Wav Files Are The Ones Purposefully Arranged & Recorded For Looping. The Usual Approach Is To Have All Instruments Playing In The Loop. This Doesn't Give The Musician, Busker or Looper Much Choice In Their Performance Options.

A Much Better Approach Is To Allow The Musician To Choose What Instruments Are Used In The Loop. Busk'n Servant Song Packs Were Designed With This In Mind. To Give The Musician Choices!

You May Want Just The Drums Playing, Say, A 12 Bar Loop & Nothing Else. Then, You Add The Rhythm Section, Either Thru A Live Performance While It Loop Plays or Used As A Base, For Layering On Your Loop Pedal or PC.

To Add More Dynamics In The Performance, You May Wish To Have A Bass Line As Well. Fine, Just Upload & Play the Drums & Bass Guitar Loop. You Have Multiple Tracks To Choose From, With Different Instrument Groupings, In A Song Pack.

Using A Loop Playing App, Such As "Loopy HD", Available In The App Store, On Your Mobile Device, Provides You With A Multi-Track Loop Player And An Easy, Portable Means of Playing Loops. Checkout This Article I Wrote On Downloading Busk'n Servant Song & Loop Packs & Using Your Mobile Device, Including "Loopy HD" & "Loop Player".

Most Song Packs Have Stereo Loops of The Full Band & You Chose The Loop Minus Your "Instrument" And Jam Away With The Band! Alternatively, Play The Full Band Song or Loop & Have Fun!

Wav Files For Most USB Enabled Loop Pedals Must Be 16 bit, 44.1KHz, Level Adjusted. These Also Play On Your Mobile Device, PC, DAW or Audio Player. For Convenience, Using A Loop Pedal Allows You To Start/Stop The Loop By Tapping The Pedal With Your Foot. This Is Great For Live Performance & Practicing.

If You Like Creating Your Own Songs Then Call Up Say, The Drum & Bass Loop, Layer or Record Onto Another Track Your Rhythm Section, Guitar, Keyboard or Other Instrument Then, Play A Solo or Melody Line. The Options Are Endless.

Each Song Pack Includes Wav Files of The Complete Song, Stereo Loops of The Full Band Minus Various Instruments And/Or, Mono Loops of Each Instrument Grouping.

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