Got The Blues

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Song Pack "Got The Blues"

Written & Arranged By Ian Williams 2017 As Busk'n Servant

This Is A Catchy Tune And A Great One For All Playing Levels, Especially Beginners. The Strumming Pattern Is Very Easy or Use Your Own Pattern To Add Variety. The Bass Line Is Straight Forward & Included In The Text Documents. As Is The Piano Playing. An Additional Stereo Track, Minus Vocals, Is Included So That You Can Add Your Own Vocals, Even Write Your Own Lyrics. Your Virtual Band Is Waiting To Back You!

Using A Swing Beat To Get A Bluesy Feel & Simple Chords, You Will Have Fun With This One!

Download Package Includes:

  • Stereo Song Track - Full Band - Including Vocals - For Mobile Device, PC, DAW or Audio Player

  • Stereo Song Track - Full Band - Minus Vocals - For Mobile Device, PC, DAW or Audio Player

  • Stereo Loop Track - Full Band - Instruments Only - For Mobile Device, PC, DAW or Audio Player

Mono Loop Tracks:

  • Full Band - Instruments Only

  • Different Instrument Groupings

  • 16 Bit Wav Files - Level Adjusted

  • For Loop Pedal, Mobile Device, PC, DAW or Audio Player

Text Documents:

  • Text Document Of Loop Chords, Riffs, Beats & Strumming Pattern

  • Text Document of Song Chords & Lyrics

Song Key:

  • Song Is Played In The Key of F# By Using A Capo on 2nd Fret & Playing Open Chords E A B

Preview "Got The Blues"

Got The Blues Song Preview.wav

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