What Is Busk'n Servant?

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Busk'n Servant Is Your Virtual Band And Resource To Enhance Your Music Fun!

If You Are Looking To Read Articles, As An Example, On Equipment, Playing In A Band, Busking, Mixing etc. or, Just Want To Access A Variety of Song or Loop Backing Tracks, Then Busk'n Servant Can Help!

You Can Stream Busking Music & Extended Busking Loops For Free!

If You Are A Beginner, Checkout Learn Guitar-Bass-Drums By Busk'n Servant. It's Free, No Sign Up, No Adverts!

As Musicians We Often Reach A Plateau In Our Playing And Repeat The Same Songs And Chord Progressions Without Advancing or, Our Sessions Become Repetitive. If That's Not All, We Have To Deal With Playing One Instrument Which Is Great, But We Can Add Much More Musical Interest. This Is Where Busk'n Servant Resources Can Help, As Well!

You Don't Want Mechanical Sounding Backing or Looping Tracks But, Real Instruments, Played With All The Nuances, Clicks, Taps And Timing of A Real Musician. Plus, You Want To Choose What Instruments Play In Your Virtual Band!

Having A Virtual Band That Can Be Played On Different Mobile Devices, PC or, Uploaded To Your Loop Pedal, Can Really Put Some Spark Into Your Music Sessions.

Supported With Printable Music And Strumming Patterns, Solo, Bass & Drum TAB's, Your Sessions Will Become More Interesting And Fun!

Get That Real Underground Garage Band Experience With Busk'n Servant.

Instruments Used On Busk'n Servant Tracks May Include:

  • Roland Electronic Drum Kit

  • Nord Drum 3P Drum Pad

  • Dtronic Electronic Drum Kit

  • Fender Bass Guitar, Fender Roadhouse Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Fender Traveler Acoustic

  • Ibanez SP2 Kiko Loureiro Signature, Gretsch 5420T Electromatic, Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro

  • Roland JD-Xi Synthesizer

Checkout Useful Info For Equipment Listings & User Experience.

Busk'n Servant Provides The Musician With:

  • A Virtual Band!

  • Free Streaming of Busking Music & Extended Busking Loops!

  • Stereo Jam & Loop Tracks For Mobile Device, PC, DAW or Audio Player

  • Loops To Upload To Your Loop Pedal, Loop Player, Mobile Device, PC, DAW or Audio Player

  • Printable Rhythm Chords, Solo Guitar TABs, Bass Guitar TABs, Strumming Patterns & Performance Information

  • Printable Drum Beat

  • Printable Song Lyrics When Used

  • Useful Information

These Resources Are Bundled, As A Song or Loop Pack, In A Downloadable Zip Folder or, Direct Streaming & Saving.

So Jam Along With The Backing of Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitars & Keys or, Whatever You Choose And Have Fun!

Listen To Previews Of Some Of The Tracks Included In A Song Pack. Stream Busking Loops & Play Along.

We're Here To Help You Gain More Enjoyment From Your Music - Not To Become Wealthy!

Our Pack Pricing Strategy Reflects This Value.

Pack Price:

No Pack Is Priced More Than $1.85 USD With Most Song Packs From A Low $0.99 USD per pack!

Crazy! But It Does Help Keep This Site Alive.

Freebie Song Packs, Loops & Drum Tracks:

Checkout The Freebies Section of The Busk'n Servant Song Pack Store!

Read More About Music Backing Tracks & Backing Tracks For Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drums. Also Read More About Looper Pedal Backing Tracks & Busking Music Backing Tracks. Listen To Busking Music & Busking Loops or Try The Free Learn Guitar-Bass-Drums Lessons! Checkout Musician Resources, Jamming For Beginners & Wav Files For Looping.

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