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Looper Pedal Backing Tracks By Busk'n Servant

All Busk'n Servant Loops In Song & Loop Packs Have Been Arranged To Play On Your Loop Pedal or Mobile Device. A USB Enabled Loop Pedal Is Required To Upload Wav Files From The Song or Loop Packs To Your Pedal.

Your Mobile Device Can Play Loop Files Using Apps Like "Loop Player" For Android or "Loopy HD" For iPhone Devices.

Alternatively You Can Just Stream To Your Device or PC, "Freebie" Extended Busking Loops, Approx 6 Minutes, At The Busking Loops Page To Get An Idea of How The Loops Sound or, Preview Loops At The Play Loop Backing Tracks Page.

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All Song & Loop Packs Include A Text Document Showing Chords, Solo TAB, Bass TAB, Drum TAB, Keyboard Playing & Supporting Information Such As Strumming Patterns, Finger Positioning, etc.

The Looper Pedal Backing Tracks Are Great For Practicing, Creating Rhythm & Solo Ideas, Live Backing As Well As Inspiration For Songs & Lyrics.

You Can Start With Loops From The Freebie Section of The Song Pack Store. Simply Select What Instrument You Want To Play And Your Loop Pack Will Automatically Load With A "Full Band" Loop, A Loop "Minus Your Instrument" & The Loop Text Document.

Upload The Tracks To Your Looper Pedal or Mobile Device & Jam Away!

Drum Loop Backing Tracks

Playing, Practicing or Writing Songs Can Be Enhanced When You Have A Drum Track or Loop To Accompany You. Maintaining Beat With A Drum Track Sure Beats A Metronome!

There Are A Number of Free Drum Track Loops, In Various Styles, In The Store. They Are A Short Track That Can Be Looped On Your Loop Pedal, Mobile Device, PC, DAW etc.

The Following Is An Example of A Busk'n Servant Freebie Drum Track Loop

  • Tap The Play or Download Button

  • The Loop Will Stream To You Mobile Device or, PC

  • You Can Save The Loop For Off-Line Use

  • All Tracks Are Scanned By Google Before Playing & Download

Drum Loop Backing Tracks

Slow 12 Bar Blues

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