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About Busk'n Servant Freebies

No Sign Up - No Adverts - No Viruses - No Malware - No Nothing - Just Download or Play & Have Fun! All Files Scanned By Google. Checkout What Instruments & Drum Kits Busk'n Servant Plays, In Recording Tracks & Loops.

Drum Tracks & Loops - Freebies! Busk'n Servant On Drums :-)

Freebie Drum Tracks Are A Single Wav File And Can Be Played Directly or Downloaded To Your Device, PC, DAW or Loop Pedal. Read The Freebies Download & Play Instructions For More Info. Jam Along To A Drum Track & Spice Up Your Music Sessions!

Slow 12 Bar Blues

Texas Blues Fast Beat

Swing Blues Medium

Bongo Ballad Medium

Rock On Medium

Loop Packs - Freebies! Busk'n Servant Playing All Instruments :-)

Freebie Loops & Text Documents Will Open Automatically In A New Window On Mobile Devices & PC. You May Have To Tap Download On iPhone Devices To Play & Save To Your Device. Files Are Virus Scanned By Google Before Download.

All Freebie Loop Packs Are A Single Wav File, No Zip Files Used! They Can Be Saved For Off-Line Use. See Loop Play Details iPhone Devices or Android Devices. Stream Extended Loops, Approx 6 Minutes, At The Busking Loops Page.

Song Packs - Freebies!

All Song Packs Contain Multiple Files & Use A Zip File For Download. Read The Freebies Download & Play Instructions.

Blues For Free

Easy Blues 1

Easy Blues 2

Loop Packs - Purchased - Being Recorded

Song Packs - Instrumental With Loops

The Blues in A

The Blues in E

The Blues in G

The Blues in C

The Blues in D

Smooth Pop

Guitar Soul

Bustl'n Along

Lite & Easy

Rock'n Blues

Song Packs - Instrumental & Garage Vocals With Loops :-))


Got The Blues

I'm Hopin'

Being Recorded


Twenty Miles

Father & Me

Being Recorded


Being Recorded

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Busk'n Servant Song Packs:

Each Song Pack Contains A Number Of Files:

  • Wav Files For Playing On Your Mobile Device, PC, Audio Player, Loop Pedal or DAW

  • Wav Files of Complete Song & All Relevant Stereo & Mono Loop Tracks

  • Plain Text Document With Song Chords, Strumming Pattern & Lyrics Opened With Any Text Editor Such As Notepad

  • Plain Text Document of Loop Construct With Chords, Solo Riff, Drum Beat, Bass Line, Keyboard Info

Purchase Instructions:

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    • You Will Be Asked What Folder To Extract To?

    • Press <Browse> And Select The Busk'n Servant Folder Then Press <Select Folder> At The Bottom Of Screen

    • Press <Extract> And Your Files Will Be Extracted & Saved In Your Busk'n Servant Music Folder

    • In The Event Of Download Failure Simply Repeat This Procedure. Do Not Close The Zip Download Screen Until Successful

Important Note:

Some Zip Song Packs WILL NOT Show A Preview Screen On Download - Just Click Download Then Download Anyway