Learn Guitar - Bass - Drums

Learn To Play Guitar Learn To Play Drums Learn To Play Bass Learn To Play With Backing Tracks

Free Lessons - Learn To Play Guitar - Bass - Drums

No Music Theory - No Scales - Simple To Follow - Complete With Tracks - Another Freebie By Busk'n Servant!

  • Simple 10 Step Learning Process

  • Some Explanations Provided To Help Gain A Greater Understanding

  • Lessons Cover Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drums & Bass

  • Supporting Tracks Can Be Downloaded For Offline Use

Learn To Play Lessons

  • Designed For Beginners

  • All Use The Easy Step Process

  • Simple To Follow

  • Learn At Your Pace

  • Make Learning Fun!

Great Beginners Resource

  • Each Lesson Provides A Great Starting Point For Beginners

  • The Aim of The Lessons Is To:

    • Have You Comfortably Playing Along To A Backing Track

    • Have An Understanding of How Parts Fit Together

    • Have You Explore Using The Techniques On Other Compositions

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