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Busking Music Backing Tracks

Using Backing Tracks When Busking Can Be Controversial. Some People Oppose Using Any Backing Not Done On The Spot Whereas, For The Non Purist, They Can Add To The Overall Performance. When Used Tastefully, They Definitely Add Another Dimension.

But, Using Backing Tracks Goes A Lot Further Than Just The Live Performance

  • They Are Great For Entertaining Yourself, While You Jam Along

  • They Help To Improve Your Timing & Practicing Chords & Changes

  • Great For Improving Solo's & Improvisation

  • Trying Different Techniques

  • They Make Music Fun!

Rather Than Having A Static Backing Track, The Musician Wants To Choose What Instruments Play On The Track. The Following Is A Busk'n Servant Free Loop Pack. You Choose What Instrument You Play, & Exclude That From The Track.

Give It A Go! Tap On A Button & That Selection Will Stream To Your Mobile Device or PC. You Can Save The Loop & Loop Off-Line.

Busking Music Backing Tracks For All!

Whether You Play Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums or Other Instruments, Backing Tracks Are Available To Assist & Add Additional Fun To Your Sessions. Beats A Metronome!

Being Able To Play Loops or A Complete Song, On Your Mobile Device, Loop Pedal, PC etc, Is An Added Bonus. Further, Being Able To Choose What Instruments Are Playing In Your Backing Track Gives You, The Musician, Choices!

The Backing Tracks In The Busk'n Servant Song Pack Store, Cover A Range of Genres & Styles. The Song Packs Not Only Provide A Range of Tracks So That You Can Select Your Very Own Virtual Band But, Provide Text Documents For Strumming Patterns, Riffs, Beats, Keyboard Fingering & Lyrics.

Also Available Are Loop Packs That Contain A Full Band Loop, A Full Band Minus Your "Instrument" Loop Plus The Loop Text Document With Chords, Solo TAB, Drum TAB, Bass TAB, Keyboard Playing Plus, Strumming Patterns & Other Information. These Packs Are Ideal For Mobile Devices or PC & Are A Small File Size.

A Number of Backing Tracks, With Text Documents on Strumming Patterns, TAB's etc. Are Free. Checkout The Freebies In The Busk'n Servant Store!

Learning To Play With Another Musician, Keeping Time & Rhythm Plus, Learning To Add Your Part Is An Important Skill That Can Be Acquired Using Backing Tracks, Even If Not Used Live.

Checkout What Is Included In A Song or Loop Pack.

Read More About Music Backing Tracks & Backing Tracks For Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drums. Also Read More About Looper Pedal Backing Tracks & Busking Music Backing Tracks. Listen To Busking Music & Busking Loops or Try The Free Learn Guitar-Bass-Drums Lessons! Checkout Musician Resources & Listen To Free Loop Tracks & Previews.

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