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  • 12 Bar Chord Progression In The Key of A

  • Medium Tempo - 112bpm

  • Stereo Song Track Including Garage Vocals!

  • Stereo Song Track Minus Vocals!

  • Stereo Loop Track For Mobile Device, PC, DAW or Audio Player

  • Mono Loop Tracks For Loop Pedal, Mobile Device, PC, DAW or Player

  • Mono Drum Track Loop

  • Mono Drum & Bass Track Loop

  • Mono Drum, Bass & Rhythm Guitars Track Loop

  • Mono Drum, Bass, Rhythm & Lead Guitars Track Loop

  • Text Document With Loop Strumming, Beat & Riff

  • Text Document With Chords & Lyrics

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Blues For Free

Song Pack "Blues For Free"

Written & Arranged By Ian Williams As Busk'n Servant

A Great Set of Tracks To Jam or Practice With:

  • Traditional 12 Bar Chord Progression

  • In The Key of A

  • Using Chord Format 1 4 5 That Is A D E

  • Practice Chord Changes & Lead Riffs

  • Refer To Text Documents For More Details

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Blues For Free Song Preview.wav

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