iPhone Device Procedure

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Using A Mobile Device

  • You Can Use Both An Android or iPhone Device

  • View The Web Site, Read Articles, View Images

  • Play Audio Previews & Watch Videos

  • Stream Busking Music Sessions

  • Stream Extended Busking Loops

  • Download Song & Loop Packs

Streaming Songs & Loops Is Easy

  • Go To The Busking Music or Busking Loops Page & Tap The Play Button

  • Some iPhone Devices Require You To Tap The Download Icon To Play

  • Listen or Jam Along, No Apps Needed!

  • Save For Off-Line Use, Files Are mp3 Format

  • Tap The Download Icon, If You Haven't Already

  • The Files Are Saved In Your Device's Download/File Folder

What's In A Song or Loop Pack?

Song & Purchased Loop Packs

Song & Purchased Loop Packs Contain Multiple Files In A Zip File With A Stereo Full Band Song, A Stereo Full Band Loop, Drum, Drum & Bass, Drum Bass & Guitars etc. Loops, Song Text Document Showing Chords, Lyrics (If Included), Strumming Patterns As Well As, The Loop Text Document Explaining The Loop Construct, Chords, Strumming, All TAB's & Play Instructions, All In The One Download Zip File. See Below For Download Procedure.

Loop Packs - Freebies

Freebie Loop Packs Contain A Single File, No Zip Files Used, of The Stereo Full Band, "Minus Instrument" Loop or Loop Text Document. Just Select What You Want & The Loop Will Automatically Play. Similarly For The Loop Text, Tap The Button And You Can Read The Text.

  • To Save On Android Devices, Tap The 3 Dots, Top of Screen Then Scroll To Download & Tap. The File Is Now Saved To Your Downloads Folder

  • To Play & Save On iPhone Devices, Just Tap The Download Icon

  • Use Your Loop Player App To Continuously Play The Loop or, Busking Loops For Approx 6 Minutes of Play


You Have Multiple Choices, Depending On Your Needs. You Can Import Loops Into Your Loop Player App Such As, "Loop Player" For Android or "Loopy HD" For iPhone or, Play On Other Devices, PC, DAW etc, Whenever You Wish!

You Can Stream Directly, Extended Loops, Approx 6 Minutes, At The Busking Loops Page or Complete Busking Sessions At The Busking Music Page.

Note: Most Files, Depending On Size, Are Scanned By Google At Download To Ensure They Are Virus Free.

iPhone Device - Song & Purchased Loop Download & Play Procedure - Zip File

Please Note: Audio Previews & Video's On The Web Site Will Not Play On An iPhone 5. You Can Still Purchase, Download & Use Song Packs, Including The Freebie Song or Loop Packs Such As, "Blues For Free", "Easy Blues 1", "Rock Pop 1" etc. Downloaded Files Are OK, They Can Be Opened, Read & Played As Usual.

You Can Use Your iPhone Device To Purchase & Download Busk'n Servant Song & Purchased Loop Packs. You Are Able To Store The Downloaded Zip Song or Loop Pack Into Your Device's File Folder. You Don't Have To Unzip Anything, Just Select Where You Wish To Store The Download. The iPhone Automatically Un-Zips Files!

You Can Read The Text Documents & Play All The Tracks In The Song or Loop Pack, Whenever You Wish!

The Following Is An Example of Using An iPhone 5 To Download A Song or Purchased Loop Pack & Play Loops. The Example Is The Free Song Pack "Blues For Free". I Use The "Files" App, Standard With The iPhone or, Downloaded From The App Store.


  • Navigate To The Song or Loop Pack You Wish To Purchase & Press <Buy Now>. You Will Be Taken To The PayPal Screen Where You Follow The Normal Purchasing Procedure. For A Free Song Pack, Just Press The Download Button & Wait About 20 secs

  • On Completion of Your Purchase Scroll Down To The <Return To Seller> Button And Upon Pressing, You Will Get The Download Screen. This May Take Up To 20 secs To Complete. (Disregard For A Free Song Pack)

  • Disregard The Message About Preview & Press <Download>. (This Appears When The Zip File Is Over 110 MB, Most Song Pack Files Are Approx. 120MB)

  • Next, You Will Get The Normal Warning Screen "Unable To Scan For Viruses" Again, Due To The File Size. Resize The Screen So You Can Press The <Download Anyway> Button (All Files Are Virus & Malware Free)

  • Your Download Will Commence. (Takes Approx. 30 - 60 secs, Just Wait)

  • On Downloading, A Screen Showing The Zip File Is Displayed. Press The < Open In Files > Icon or, Loop Player App Such As Loopy HD. In This Example I Chose "Open In Files" So I Can Read The Text Documents

  • On The Next Screen, Select Where You Want To Store The File, In This Example, < On My iPhone >, Options Will Appear, Make A Selection, In My Case < My Vodaphone > & Press < Add >, At The Top Right of Screen. Alternatively, If You Have Cloud Storage, You Can Store It There

  • The Zip File Is Now Added To Your Files App Folder & Accessible Anytime!

  • All Done!!

  • The File Is Now Shown. Note That The Number of Files In The Pack Is Shown, As Well As, The Total Pack File Size

  • Tap < Preview Content > And The First File Will Be Shown. This Will Always Be The Loop Construct Text

  • To Access The Other Files, Tap The < Pages Icon > At The Bottom Right of Screen, A List of All The Files Is Shown. Alternatively, Just Swipe Left For The Next Page.

  • Tap On Any File To Either Read or Listen To The Tracks

What Next For iPhone?

You Are Now Able To Navigate To Your File Folder, Listen on Headphones or, If You Connect An Amp or Blue Tooth Speaker To Your Device, Can Jam Away Into The Day & Night! If You Have An Audio Player On Your Device That Can Loop Play, Use The Song Pack Loops For Endless Practice or Entertainment. Alternatively, Read The Text Document's Chords, Beats, Riff etc. And Compare To The Relevant Tracks!

A Great Way To Pass The Time, Be It On A Bus, Train, Waiting On Appointments or Whatever. A Good Way To Improve Your Performance or Stimulate Ideas!

What About Some Loop Playing?

Choose Your Favourite Loop Player App And Really Get Jamming! I Can Say This App Works Great :

  • "Loopy HD" For iPhone Available in The App Store - Small Fee

Example of Looping Using The "Loopy HD" App On An iPhone

Here's How To Import Your Files Into The "Loopy HD Library" After Downloading To The "Files" App:

  • Open The "Files" App & Press <Select> Top Right of Screen And Select The File You Want To Import To The "Loopy HD Library"

  • At The Bottom Left of Screen Press The <Share> Icon, "Up Arrow", The Share Screen Appears

  • Press <Save to Files> Icon. On The Next Screen You Are Now Asked Where?

  • Select <Loopy HD> Then Press <Add> Top Right of Screen

  • That's It, All Done!!

  • Your File Will Automatically Un Zip And Appear In The "Loopy HD Library" Under The Song or Loop Pack File Name

  • If You Downloaded & Saved The Files To "Loopy HD" Instead of "Files" In The First Instance, Then Disregard The Above. Note, You Won't Be Able To Read The Text Documents In "Loopy HD" Thou!

How To Play Your Songs & Loops In "Loopy HD"

Here's How To Play Your Song & Loops:

  • Open The "Loopy HD" App

  • Press AND Hold One of The <Track Buttons> Say, Track #1

  • Options Appear On The Button. Select <Import>

  • The "Loopy HD Library" Appears With All The Songs & Loops. To Preview A Track Press The <Arrow> On The Right of The Track Name

  • To Add A Loop Track or Song Press The <Track Name>

  • "Loopy HD" Will Automatically Go Back To The Play Screen & Loop Your Track or Song

  • To Stop A Track Press The <Track> Button or, Stop All Tracks, The <Pause> Button, At The Bottom of Screen

  • Note, That If You Have A Track Already In The Play Screen Then You Should Clear It First, As The Imported Loop Will Play At That Track's Tempo , Not The Recorded Tempo!

  • To Clear The Play Screen, Shake Your Phone Then Select <Clear Session> or, Go To The Session Menu & Clear

  • You Can Also Record On Another Track, Add Beats, Do Whatever You Like!

  • Plug Your Device's Earphone Socket To Your Amp & Jam Away!

  • Note: You May Wish To Go To "Loopy HD Settings" And Turn Off "Monitoring", So As Not To Hear Ambient Noise From Your Surroundings.

Note, Once The Files Are On Your Mobile Device, You Can Transfer Them To Cloud Storage And, Access Via Your PC, To Transfer To Loop Pedals, DAW or Other Audio Players.

Stream Some Busking Music By Busk'n Servant or, Busking Loops On Your iPhone Device or PC.

Have Fun & Enjoy!

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