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You May Want To Learn More About Busking or, Start Busking or Playing To Family & Friends.

The Busk'n Servant Web Site Is A Free Resource That Can Help:

  • For Anybody Interested In Busking

  • Those Wanting To Form A One-Person Underground Band

  • Those Wanting To Record & Mix A Busking Song

  • Budding Musicians Who Want To Learn More About Jamming

  • For Those Wanting To Read Busking & Music Related Articles

  • Those Wanting To Buy Backing Tracks For Songs & Loops

Free Lessons

Maybe You Want To Learn How To Play Guitar, Bass or Drums. Free Lessons On Each Are Available At The Learn Guitar-Bass-Drums Page.

Lessons Are In A 10 Step By Step Format. The Following Is An Excerpt From Step #1, In The Rhythm Guitar Lesson.

Example #1 - Hi Hat & Rhythm Guitar "A"

  • Tempo 80bpm

  • Approx 1 Minute of mp3 Play

  • Download To Play Off-Line. See Note Below

Example #1

A Solo Example - Lead Guitar Lesson

  • Recorded On My Looper Pedal

  • Listen For The Various Techniques

  • Slides & Quick Bends

  • Trills - Rapid Playing of A Note or Notes

  • Fast Hammer On & Pull Offs

Solo Example

Resource Articles

There Are Written Articles & Videos On A Variety of Busking & Musical Topics Including Recording, Mixing Songs, Playing In A Band, Forming A One-Person Band etc.

Checkout Some of The Following Articles:

Stream Busking To Your Device

You Can Stream Busking Music & Busking Loops Direct From The Web Site & Read The Supporting Text Documents.

Backing Tracks

Although Backing Tracks For Busking or, General Performance Use, Are Available In The Song Pack Store, There Are Also A Number of Freebie Song & Loop Packs To Get You Started.

Each Song & Loop Pack Has Written Documents Of Chords, Strumming Patterns, TAB's For Each Instrument And, How The Song or Loops Were Recorded.

The Backing Tracks Are Not Your Typical Backing Tracks That Are Very Machine Like And, Don't Have That Real Life Feel.

Busk'n Servant Backing Tracks Are of A Real Musician, Playing Real Instruments. Also, The Tracks Give You The Ability To Select What Instruments Play In Your "Virtual Band".

Surf The Busk'n Servant Site & I Hope You Enjoy The Experience.

P.S. Please Forgive All The Little Taps, Clicks, Finger Scrapes & Slides, Pick Noises, As I Play Each Instrument On The Tracks - I Said It Was Real Life! :)

Read More About Music Backing Tracks & Backing Tracks For Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drums. Also Read More About Looper Pedal Backing Tracks & Busking Music Backing Tracks. Listen To Busking Music & Busking Loops or Try The Free Learn Guitar-Bass-Drums Lessons! Checkout Musician Resources.

Free Learn Guitar-Bass-Drums By Busk'n Servant

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Form Your Own One - Person Underground Band

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