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Using Guitar Backing Tracks

Checkout The Free Song & Loop Tracks In The Song Pack Store. Listen To Free Loop Tracks & Previews.

Backing Tracks Are Very Useful For Both Adding To Your Live Performance & As A Practice Tool. Whether You Play Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums or Other Instruments, A Backing Track Can Add Additional Fun To Your Sessions.

Playing To A Backing Track Will Tighten Up Your Performance, No Matter What Instrument You Play. Guitar Rhythm Playing Will Particularly Improve When The Player Has To Add There Part, To Enhance The Song Rhythm, With A Certain Beat & Tempo.

Busk'n Servant Backing Tracks Are Available As Song or Loop Tracks Where You Can Choose What Instruments Play On Your Track!

The Following Is An Example of A Free Extended Loop Track

  • You Choose What Instrument To Exclude From The Band

  • You Can Read A Text Document Showing

    • Strumming Patterns

    • Chords

    • Solo TAB's

    • Bass TAB's

    • Drum TAB's

Grab Your Instrument & Play Along!

Just Make Your Selection & Your Part Will Stream, As An mp3.

Backing Tracks For Beginners

If You Are A Beginner, A Backing Track Can Replace The Metronome & At The Same Time, Give You The Practice Of Playing With Other Parts Such As, Drums & Bass. Not Only That, It Sounds Half Decent Too! Tempo & Beat Is In The Song Pack Text Documents.

Checkout The Free Learn Guitar-Bass-Drums For Beginners, Using Backing Tracks. The Following Is An Example For Beginners, From The Lessons. They Play The Rhythm Guitar To This Track.

Straight/Even Eighth Beat - Drums & Bass

  • Tempo 80bpm

  • Play The Strumming Pattern In The Lesson

  • Stream The mp3 Track & Play Along

Drum & Bass

Drum Loop Backing Tracks

Playing, Practicing or Writing Songs Can Be Enhanced When You Have A Drum Track or Loop To Accompany You. Maintaining Beat With A Drum Track Sure Beats A Metronome!

There Are A Number of Free Drum Track Loops, In Various Styles, In The Store. They Are A Short Track That Can Be Looped On Your Loop Pedal, Mobile Device, PC, DAW etc.

The Following Is An Example of A Busk'n Servant Freebie Drum Track Loop

  • Tap The Play or Download Button

  • The Loop Will Stream To You Mobile Device or, PC

  • You Can Save The Loop For Off-Line Use

  • The Loop Is A Small Wav File & Can Be Up Loaded To A USB Loop Pedal

  • All Tracks Are Scanned By Google Before Playing & Download

Free Drum Loop Backing Tracks

Slow 12 Bar Blues

Backing Tracks & Performance

Using Backing Tracks Is A Great Way To Practice & Polish Your Performance, Even If Not Used Live.

All Busk'n Servant Song & Loop Backing Tracks Have Been Arranged To Play On A Mobile Device, USB Enabled Loop Pedal, PC, DAW or Audio Player.

All The Backing Tracks, Of A Song By Busk'n Servant, Are Included In That Song's Song Pack Plus, Text Documents For Chords, Strumming Patterns, Riffs, Beats & Lyrics. You Can Select At Anytime, What Backing Track You Want, Say Drums & Bass Guitar, And Play To Your Hearts Content! It Is Up To You To Select Your Very Own, Virtual Band.

The Backing Tracks In The Busk'n Servant Song Pack Store, Cover A Range of Genres & Styles.

Also Available Are Loop Packs That Contain A Full Band Loop, A Full Band Minus Your "Instrument" Loop Plus The Loop Text Document With Chords, Solo TAB, Drum TAB, Bass TAB, Keyboard Playing Plus, Strumming Patterns & Other Information. These Packs Are Ideal For Mobile Devices or PC & Are A Small File Size.

Read More About Music Backing Tracks & Backing Tracks For Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drums. Also Read More About Looper Pedal Backing Tracks & Busking Music Backing Tracks. Listen To Busking Music & Busking Loops or Try The Free Learn Guitar-Bass-Drums Lessons! Checkout Musician Resources.

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