What's A Busk'n Servant Song Pack?

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What Is A Busk'n Servant Song Pack?

  • A Song Pack Is A Collection Of Resources For A Song With A Complete Stereo Song Track & Associated Loop Tracks

  • The Song May Be Instrumental or Include Vocals. Checkout What Instruments Are Used.

  • Loops Have Individual Tracks For Drums Only, Drums & Bass Only, Drums, Bass & Guitars Only And The Full Band

  • Alternatively, Many Packs Have Loop Tracks Minus Drums or Bass or Guitar or Synth So That You Can Add Your Own Instrument With The Full Band!

  • You Get A Variety of Tracks So You Can Choose What Backing You Want, When You Want - Beats A Metronome!

  • Written Material Showing Relevant Chords, Strumming Patterns, Riffs, Drum Beats & Lyrics

  • Ability To Copy, Edit, Save & Print Written Material

  • Ability To Copy, Edit, Save & Play Tracks In A DAW. Don't Have A DAW? Download A Free DAW

  • All This Is In A Small Zip File For Download

What Is Included In A Song Pack?

  • Stereo Song Track - Wav File Of The Complete Song For Mobile Device, PC, DAW or Audio Player - Full Band & Vocals If Included

  • Stereo Loop Tracks - Wav File Loops For Mobile Device, PC, DAW or Audio Loop Players

  • Mono Loop Tracks - 16 bit Wav Files For Uploading To A Loop Pedal, Mobile Device, PC or DAW - As Individual Tracks

  • Printable Plain Text Document - Loop Construct, Chords, Riff, Drum Beats & Strumming Patterns Used

  • Printable Plain Text Document - Song Chords, Strumming Pattern & Lyrics If Included

  • Note That Most Loop Pedals Require 16 Bit Wav Files, 44.1KHz - Level Adjusted When Uploading By USB

  • Digital Audio Work Stations - DAW - Can Handle Both 16 Bit Mono & Stereo Wav Files - Good For Loop Playing

What Is Included In A Purchased Loop Pack?

  • Stereo Loop Track - Wav File Of The Full Band For Mobile Device, PC, DAW or Audio Player

  • Stereo Loop Tracks - Wav Files Of The Full Band "Minus Instrument". You Get All The Files To Choose From

  • Plain Text Document - Loop Construct, Chords, Riff, Drum Beat, Bass Line, Keys & Strumming Patterns Used

  • Can Be Uploaded To A USB Enabled Loop Pedal, Adjust Your Volume

  • All This Is In A Small Zip File For Download

What Is Included In A Freebie Song & Loop Pack?

  • Freebie Song Packs Have The Same Content As Purchased Song Packs, Mentioned Above

  • Freebie Loop Packs Have A Single File, For Auto Streaming or Download. You Choose "Minus Instrument" & The File Plays. You Can Download Both The Wav & Text Files For Off-Line Use. See Freebies Download & Play Instructions

How Do I Use The Resources In The Song or Loop Pack?

Once Downloaded To Your Device or PC You Can Do The Following:

  • Play Songs & Endlessly Loop Tracks Using Your Mobile Device. See Mobile Friendly For Details

  • Open The Track Wav Files By Clicking On The File's Icon - Your Device or PC's Audio Player Will Open And Play The Track

  • Connect Your Device or PC To Speakers, Amplifier or A Bluetooth Speaker To Get A Great Sound From Your Virtual Band!

  • Listen, Jam or Practice On Your "Instrument", To The Stereo Song And Loop Tracks

  • Copy The Track Wav Files And Transfer To Other Audio Devices

  • Open The Track Wav Files In Your DAW And Play, Loop, Edit or Duplicate The Track To Whatever Length You Like

  • If You Don't Have A DAW Download A Free DAW & Watch How To Play & Loop A Track

  • Upload A Track Wave Loop To A USB Enabled Loop Pedal Such As The BOSS RC Series Of Loop Pedals

  • Open The Song or Loop Pack Text Documents On Your Mobile Device or PC.

  • No Special Word Processing Software Required. The Document Is In Plain Text Format For All To Access

  • Print or Edit The Text Documents, Make Changes & Save To Your PC With Your Own File Name

  • Copy The Text Documents To Your Own Word Editor And Reformat

  • Above All - Jam Away To Your Heart's Content And Enjoy What You Hear!

Read More About Music Backing Tracks & Backing Tracks For Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drums. Also Read More About Looper Pedal Backing Tracks & Busking Music Backing Tracks. Listen To Busking Music & Busking Loops or Try The Free Learn Guitar-Bass-Drums Lessons! Checkout Musician Resources.

Download A Free Sample Song Pack or, Stream & Save Free Loops

Checkout The Freebies Section of The Song Pack Store! Especially The Freebie Loops!

All From A Low - $0.99 USD per pack!

Preview A Song Pack Stereo Track

Busk'n Servant Preview.wav

Preview The Drum Loop

Busk'n Servant Drum Loop Preview.wav

Preview The Drum & Bass Loop

Busk'n Servant Drum & Bass Loop Preview.wav

Preview With Rhythm Guitars

RC-30 Busk'n Servant Mono.wav

Preview Loop Text Document

Loop Previw Text.txt

How To Purchase & Download A Song Pack

How To Unzip A Song Pack

What If A Download Fails?

Open & Print The Song Pack Text Document

Upload A Track Wave Loop To Your Loop Pedal

Don't Have A Loop Pedal or Player? Download A Free DAW!

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