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Busk'n Servant - Here To Enhance Your Busking, Jam Or Practice Sessions

Busking, Jamming or Practicing Playing Guitar, Keys, Drums & Various Instruments With Other Musicians Is Great Fun But, For Many of Us, It Is Just Not Possible.

Numerous Reasons Prevent Us From Experiencing This Pleasure Yet, Our Music Can Go To A Whole New Level, Sound Really Good And Be Much More Fun!

As An Independent Musician, Wouldn't It Be Great To Have:

  • Virtual Musicians

  • You Choose What Instruments Play

  • Play What You Want, When You Want And, How Long You Want

  • Have The Feel Of Real Musicians Backing Your Sessions

My Experience

I Know - This Was The Experience I Had And I Struggled To Get A Good Band Vibe Happening or, Even Simple Backing That Sounded Half Decent. That's When I Developed The Concept Of The Virtual Band & Song Pack. A Resource of Tracks With Different Instrument Groupings And Associated Chords, Riffs, Lyrics, Strumming Patterns, Drum Beats & Support Information Bundled Together For Each Song - Either Instrumental or With Vocals.

Even Better Was To Have Tracks That Could Be Played On My Mobile Device, Loop Pedal or Audio Player Either As A Full Song or As A Loop Track That I Could Start/Stop At Leisure!

A Helping Hand

Busk'n Servant Has Grown From A One-Man Underground Garage Band To Now Sharing Information, Experiences, Song & Loop Packs To Help Other Musicians In The Cyber World.

From Beginners Upwards, Busk'n Servant Has Something For Everyone.

Sure There Are Literally Thousands Of Great Musicians & Buskers Out There. But, What About The Many Millions of Us, Just Learning & Progressing And, Looking To Gain More Fun From Our Music?

From Slow Simple Chords & Progressions To Full Reproductions Of Hit Songs, Busk'n Servant Can Help.

Busk'n Servant's Aim

From Helping People Learn To Play, To Providing Backing Tracks & Loops &, Many Music Related Articles, The Busk'n Servant Website Is Your Resource.

Although We Do Have Learn Guitar - Bass - Drums Lessons, For The Beginner, There Are Hundreds Of Sites & YouTube Channels That Do This Well.

We're Looking To Provide You, With The Ability To Simply Play Along With A Virtual Band, Of Your Choosing, Using Our Music & Jam Tracks.

Learn How To Integrate Your Playing In A Band Environment And Balance The Parts In The Band - Be Your Own Front Of House Technician! We Also Share How To Arrange And Record Your Own Tracks.

From Backing Tracks, Loops, Music Sheets & Ideas To Useful Music Information You'll Find Resources Here To Spice Up Your Playing Or Assist In Forming Your Very Own, One-Person Underground Band!

Our Philosophy - Keep It Simple, Have Fun, Share & Be Affordable.

Happy Surfing The Busk'n Servant Site And If You Choose To Visit The Busk'n Servant Store, You'll Find Song & Loop Packs From A Ridiculous Low Price of $0.99 USD per pack! Plus, There Are Plenty of Freebies In Store!

Why Not Try A Free Sample Song Pack! or Stream Busking Music or, Extended Busking Loops.

Read More About Music Backing Tracks & Backing Tracks For Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drums. Also Read More About Looper Pedal Backing Tracks & Busking Music Backing Tracks. Listen To Busking Music & Busking Loops or Try The Free Learn Guitar-Bass-Drums Lessons!

Happy Playing,


Busk'n Servant

Guitarist, Drummer & Keyboardist

Unknown One-Person Underground Band

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